School District Reports Clermont County Mar 2019

School District Reports Clermont County Mar 2019 |School District Reports | Clermont County

School District Reports Clermont County Mar 2019.  Going into the Spring the first thing everyone thinks is the number of available homes will go up.  At the end of March, they actually dropped.  A good part of that is due to the increased number of homes that are under contract.  However, there is a diminished list of homes that are available.  What will need to be watched is the time on market as well as the absorption rate.  Both show early indicators that we could be sliding away from a sellers’ market to more a balanced market.  It will need to be watch in the coming months.

Below are reports for the majority of the school districts in Clermont County.  Statistics reflect averages over the 6 months previous to the the report date.

There is a link with each school district which will take you to charts for that specific school district starting with the year 2017.  These links will also display homes which are currently listed!

Batavia       Bethel      CNE      Goshen      Loveland      Milford      New Richmond     West Clermont      Williamsburg