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Batavia Home Sales Update

Batavia home sales for the year of 2017 followed a comfortable, normal pattern with a trend toward becoming stronger. There are several measures of significance.

The first is the days on market.  The years started with and average of 60 days of market time before going under contract.  It was as high as 77 days going into March but started into a decline, ending the year at 46 days.

The second is the sale price to list price ratio.  January’s average covering a six month period was 96.47%.  By years end, that moderated higher to 97.5% and had been as high in the later part of the year at 97.89%.  When combined with the diminished days on market, buyers were being faced with fewer choices, pushing buyers to choose faster and not try to dicker as much on the price.

The biggest indicator of a happy 2017 market was the average sale price.  It started the year at $170,721 and ended about 9% higher at $187,681.  Four times during the year the average sale price was close to or just over $200,000.

Projections for 2018 continue to look good.  Domestic indicators point to a solid year.  The main hesitation expressed by some deal only with international concerns.

Check out all the statistics in the graph below.

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Batavia School District Market Update (Each month is the previous 6 months totals & averages)

Active ListingsPending ListingsSold ListingsAvg Active PriceAvg Sold Price% of List
To Sale Price
Absorption Rate
> 6 = Buyer's Market
< 5 = Seller's Market
Avg Days
On Market
January, 20174813127$176.972$170,72196.47%2.960
February, 20174825108$220,589$179,45896.84%4.162
March, 2017483099$228,197$178,11796.97%4.777
April, 2017464091$235,236$176,14696.99%5.768
May, 20173239108$221,912$187,57797.27%3.9474
June, 20173830117$237,082$196,21897.583.4967
July, 20174131120$230,471$197,53297.86%3.665
August, 2017321991$256,178$219,62297.89%3.462
September, 20173822142239,995198,81597.882.555
October, 2017
November, 20173717119$232,956$189,47897.65%2.742
December, 20173418106$237.149$187,68197.5%2.946