Clermont Northeastern Home Sales Update For April 2017

Clermont Northeastern Home Sales Update | April 2017 | CNE School District

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This month’s Clermont Northeastern Home Sales Update is a bit of a mixed bag.  On the good side, the number of homes under contract has gone up which should mean next month’s sales should show an increase as well.  Also, the Clermont Northeastern Home Sales Updatedays on market is doing very well at only 50 days!  Remember when home sellers could only hope and pray that a home would sell in less than 100 days?  It wasn’t that long ago!

Of big concern is the absorption rate which indicates whether we are in a seller’s or buyer’s market.  This last month that number jumped to 7.6.  That is becoming a rather strong buyer’s market.  I am anticipating that this will drop to a lower number next month with the higher number of homes currently under contract.  What is of importance to watch is not only this number but also the days on market and the ratio between the sale price and asking price over the next couple of months.

CNE School District Market Update (Each month is the previous 6 months totals & averages)

Active ListingsPending ListingsSold ListingsAvg Active PriceAvg Sold Price% of List
To Sale Price
Absorption Rate
> 6 = Buyer's Market
< 5 = Seller's Market
Avg Days
On Market
January, 2017381169$342,995$155,16697.55%4.338
February, 2017331465$380,677$165,56096.94%4.145
March, 2017321854$359,094$155,74396.87%5.5547
April, 2017352649$336,535$158,68296.96%7.650
May, 2017283057$377,786$161,79397.11%6.141
June, 2017272659$387,817$163,68196.96%5.4140
July, 2017292366$394,966$172,13396.59%4.737
August, 2017312368$380,306$169,49496.90%4.832
September, 2017322076$368,125$172,44697.94%4.131
October, 2017
November, 201735980$321,551$185,53798.15%3.328
December, 2017371069$319,874$179,08397.92%4.129