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Batavia NO HOA Homes For SaleBatavia NO HOA Homes For Sale!  If you don’t like a local board telling you what you can and can’t do with your own home, the list of homes below are your answer!  No more letters from an HOA management company when company visits while towing a boat or your Christmas decorations were up one day too long.  You won’t have to endure long meetings voting on what other home owner gets fined or what color to paint the community fence.

Batavia Township has continued to grow.  Some new communities were required to have an HOA so the township would not have to police as many things.  Some HOA’s are less restrictive than others, however, living in an HOA always means there are certain restrictions of use you are accepting on your property.

All of these homes are throughout the Batavia School District and represent all prices, styles and types of homes.  If you’d prefer information that is more focused than what is displayed, simply use this EZ Form link!

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