Senior Life Options Introduction

Senior Life Options Introduction

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WELCOME!!!!  Below is the first video full of information.  Under the video is more information as well as links to members of the Senior Life Options Team.  PLEASE use the form at the bottom for questions as well as ideas and suggestions for more videos and live Q&A session!

WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!! Please let us know the concerns you face with your senior citizen, questions you have and topics that would help in future videos and live Q&A’s.  Either use the form below or email  

Whether it is senior transition services, downsizing services, in home care, or simply the legal concerns when those we love are being effected by age, there are options! It is never an easy process but it is our hope that this growing series of videos and live Q&A sessions will help make it much easier!

We are joined by Shawn Gupta of Gupta Law Firm, LLC who explores legal items that will be of great help to both the senior in your life as well as their children.

Stephanie Robinson of Oasis Senior Advisors shares stay at home options, safety as well what’s involved in finding the best retirement community.

Gina Siegel of Caring Transitions Cincinnati East helps when it comes to physically relocating and assisting with all of the personal items around the home.

Jim Hood of Fathom Realty briefly explores options of financing if your senior needs money to stay at home and also different ways to sell the home and protect seniors from those who would try to take advantage of their situation.

Caring Transitions Cincinnati East   Gupta Law  Oasis Senior Advisors  Fathom Realty, Greater Cincinnati / NKY

Senior Seminar Feedback

WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!!! For future videos and live Q&A's, what concerns are you facing in caring for your elder's needs? What questions do you have or topics you would like to have explored?

What items of concern that you'd like to have discussed?