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Prestwick PlacePrestwick Place Construction Has Begun!  The initial roads and utilities are in and foundations have started to be dug!  Styles range for the higher end Masterpiece, to Designer single family and the ever popular patio homes!  Right now is the best time to secure the lot and style of home you want.  Often builders want to protect the appearance of a neighborhood and restrict having the same style home built closely together.  Sometimes even the elevations can be restricted.  The ability to make best choice to fit your needs comes at the beginning of a new subdivision.  Even which side of the house the driveway is installed can be important and will be impacted by either the contour of the lot and/or where the neighbor’s who bought first decided they wanted to place their driveway.

This is a great location.  It is off the busy corridor of Route 125 but finds itself in a more relaxed location, just a mile from the Legendary Run Golf course.  However, it remains close to the many shopping, entertainment and dining opportunities of the area.

The display below will start populating with homes as Fischer puts them on the market.  However, there are floor plans you can see now if you want to control your home choices by not waiting for the builder to start putting up a market home.  CLICK HERE to see the various floor plans available.

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MARKET HOMES will appear here as they become available.