MD/DDS/DMD/DO NO Money Down, NO PMI Homes

MD/DDS/DMD/DO NO Money Down, NO PMI Homes | 100% Financing

100% Financing For Doctors and Dentists

MD/DDS/DMD/DO NO Money Down, NO PMI Homes

The Doctor is in… their new home that is! No money down options are common for our Veterans and those seeking to take advantage of USDA financing. Both offer 100% financing options. One of the often missed opportunities unless you know about it is the 100% financing loan for Doctors and Dentists. One of the lenders I work with offers no money down to a purchase price of $750,000 and there is no Private Mortgage Insurance either. You can even purchase from $750,000 to $1,000,000 with a small down payment requirement. 

Those finishing Residency or Fellowship positions may not even realize this option is available. It’s not uncommon for a Physician to be purchasing their first home around $500,000 or above.

The program normally allows:

  1. The exclusion of deferred student loan debt payments for loan qualifying when the debt payment is deferred at least 12 months from the closing date, and
  2. The ability to close on your new home within 60 days of starting your new position. This loan program is available to those just graduating Medical School to those that have been practicing for years.

If you are a Physician or Dentist, homeowner or not, spread the word to your colleagues as you couldn’t pick a better time to take advantage of the low rates and no money down financing options. The program is available in a 30 or 15-year fixed rate options as well as Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARM).

Gaining access to information about all these homes is as simply as using the EZ Form below. Be sure to let us know the general areas where you want to live and any details which are important to you like the number of bedrooms, etc.  We look forward to keeping you informed about homes, many which aren’t shared with sites like Zillow!

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