Living In Clermont County – 5 Reasons You’ll Love It!

Living In Clermont County – 5 Reasons You’ll Love It! | Cincinnati Ohio | Clermont Homes For Sale

Living In Clermont County – 5 Reasons You’ll Love It! Why should you think about moving to Clermont County Ohio?  Many reasons!  However, we’ll just be covering five of them here.  With the area having been noted by both US News and Livability as a top place to live, there is much to love!  The video below will introduce you to the areas and school districts.  Then check out the top 5 reasons you’ll love living in Clermont County!

#1 Activities and Entertainment.

  • If you like movies you’ll go nuts over the options.  There are traditional theaters as well a venues offering food clermont mapservice. One blast from the past experience is the Starlight Drive In!
  • Do you like games?  Scene 75 is a family venue that offers everything from video games to an indoor go-cart track.  If you are wanting something a bit more “adult,” you’ll need to check out Belltera for dining, casino and horse racing.
  • When it comes to concert venues, Clermont County has them across the area.  Many townships and communities offer a lot of options including the crown jewel Riverbend which hosts top line entertainers.
  • Then there are all the big activity and sports offerings like Kings IslandKings Island, Reds, Bengals, Cyclones ice hockey, FC Cincinnati professional soccer as well as UC and Xavier sport events.

#2 Parks Galore!   Do you like lots of water activities, woods, trails, camping, kite flying, play grounds, outdoor party space and dog parks?  You won’t lack any living in Clermont County!

  • Clermont County boasts TWO state parks.  East Fork State Park is a huge location loaded with opportunities for just about all interests.  It is just shy of 5000 acres! Then there is it’s smaller sister, Stonelick State Park.
  • Townships and communities offer an amazing collection of local parks.  Many have ball fields, walking trails, dog parks and even pickleball, volleyball and tennis courts.
  • Do you like to bike?  Check out the Loveland Bike Trail.
  • An often overlooked jewel is the Cincinnati Nature Center located between Eastgate and Milford.

#3 Local Events  Enjoying quiet evenings are great, but is there more to living in Clermont County than parks and regional events?  Oh… YES!

  • One of the great things of living outside of the urban sprawl are the number of farms selling lots of fresh produce.  Throughout the county there are farmers markets and corner stands.
  • There are local festivals and community events throughout the year.  Two examples are Frontier Days and Riverdays. They boast concerts, local food venders, crafts, parades and much more.
  • Like the thrill of a great county fair?  You’ll need to check out Clermont County’s Fair at the fair grounds in Owensville.
  • Have you ever spent the afternoon strolling acres of antique and collectable cars and talking with the owners? The Pumpkin Run hosted at the Clermont County Fair Grounds is a MUST for you!

#4 Dining & Shopping  Until the 1970’s Clermont County was considered issolated.  With the opening of I-275 that quickly changed.  Besides some great priced homes, businesses and particularly dining quickly followed.

  • When it comes to dining options, there are many chain restaurants like Applebees, O’Charlies, Red Robin, Cracker Barrel, Texas Roadhouse, Longhorn and many more.  There area has a lot of local diners that offer tremendous options like Poochies.
  • There are many ethic options whether that is asian, Indian, Thai, Mexican as well as others.
  • A disappearing treat are Dairy Bars. Once they were in most every community.  There are still a few left and give a casual taste sensation.

#5 It’s NOT Urban!  You don’t have to worry about getting swallowed up in cement and asphalt.  Escaping from the chaos of life is as easy as taking advantage of the many parks or taking a drive through more rural areas.  If you do take drives, you’ll soon find a favorite, small local restaurant that you’ll visit on a regular basis.

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