7 Avoidable Mistakes When Buying New Construction

7 Avoidable Mistakes When Buying New Construction | Top Agent | Clermont New Homes

7 Avoidable Mistakes When Buying New Construction | Greater Clermont County

7 Avoidable Mistakes When Buying New ConstructionWhat are 7 avoidable mistakes when buying new construction ?  When someone says something which is stated more clearly than I could say it, I want to give them credit!  What should you watch out for when buying a new home?  Yes, the general location needs to be considered, however, did you think about what Michael Roberts, a home builder in Georgia, points out?  Please check out his article at http://robertscc.com/7-avoidable-mistakes-when-buying-new-construction/  It appears in an abbreviated form below.

NOTE: The builder’s sales people work for the builder!  Seems like a silly thing to say, however, they DON’T represent your best interests. As a top agent, we sit on your side of the table.  Our working for you costs you nothing and does nothing impact the price of the home!  Before talking to any sales person at a model home or on the Internet, call or text us at 513-201-7890 or Click Here!

Mistake #1: Quickly Choosing A Builder

As with most choices in life, doing your research is one of the keys to success in purchasing new construction. Many homebuyers get wrapped up in what kind of house they want built that they forget that researching the builder is also important…  (Jim’s notes: A great source is to type into a Google search the name of the builder with the word “reviews.”  There will always be some negatives, if there aren’t it could be a bogus site.  However, this will show you how others have viewed their experience with the builder.)

Mistake #2: Breeze Over The Paperwork

A new home always comes with a lot of paperwork. Between a builder’s standard features, upgrades, maps and building contracts, a lot of information is involved. Home buyers should be sure to read each page thoroughly so they know exactly what is included and not included in their home… (Jim’s notes: A good agent, while not an attorney, should have enough experience with building contracts to show you some of the highlights, dates and items of concern.)

Mistake #3: Not Hiring a Realtor

Realtors aren’t just used for pre-existing homes, they are also very helpful to buyers in new construction. They work for the buyer and are focused on their wants and needs.

Realtors can also help the buyer handle builder contracts and in some cases make changes to it. An experienced realtor will be able to help ensure that the buyer gets exactly what they want and for an affordable price.

Many people think buying new construction will save them money from having to pay Realtor fees but builders are actually the party that pays the realtor commission fees. There is no extra cost for hiring a realtor when you purchase new construction.  (Jim’s notes:  Ok, I didn’t change anything in this section…  This is straight from a builder!  Having a top agent on your side of the table can not only help you get the best deal, but also protect you from other costly choices.)

Mistake #4: Poor Communication

Not keeping in good contact with the builder throughout the entire construction process may lead to costly mistakes. In the beginning when a design is chosen, both the buyer and the builder need to be on the exact same page.

Mistake #5: Not Visiting During the Building Process

This mistake goes hand-in-hand with the mistake of poor communication. If a buyer does not make regular visits to the construction site, errors or poor construction may not be caught in time leading to further issues.

Mistake #6: Not Prepping Before the Final Walk-Through

The final walk-through is a very exciting part for a buyer. The problem is sometimes the excitement hinders the ability to look over every room closely to pick out imperfections that need to be changed.

… (Jim’s notes:  The walk through can be detailed.  A big purpose of the walk through is to find items which need to be corrected prior to closing.  However, another big reason for the walk through is to give the builder the opportunity to show you how everything works and how to care for your new home.)

Mistake #7: Forgetting Builder Warranties

Most reputable builders will include a builder’s warranties with a new home construction purchase. The coverage tends to come in increments (ex. 1yr., 2yr., and 10yr.) Certain items in the home are are only covered up to those increments…

Remember to check out the entire article at http://robertscc.com/7-avoidable-mistakes-when-buying-new-construction/!