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West Clermont Homes With AcreageWest Clermont Homes With Acreage. West Clermont has exploded with interest!  There are lots of new homes and lots of existing homes coming on the market.  One challenge is finding a home that has more than just a .25 acre, subdivision lot.  Getting elbow room in the school district is becoming a challenge.  Below is a list that is continually updated of all listed homes from throughout the school district that have 1+ acres. 

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Currently Listed Homes With Acreage Starting With The Newest Listings:

West Clermont School District has continued to grow.  Since the opening of the new high school, the number of sales rivals that of Milford and Loveland combined.  Within the school district there are many options available.  In Eastgate there are many shopping and restaurant choices.  Jungle Jim’s has added a new level of interest to shopping.  The store’s international section is a personal love of mine.  Having lived in Japan for several years, we thoroughly love Japanese sticky rice and Jungle Jim’s sells it in 50 pound bags.  There is also a mall, Sams, Wal Mart, Aldi’s, Meijer, and a growing collection of other choices.  The Cincinnati Nature Center is close by as is the East Fork State Park.  The Amelia/Pierce Township area also has many things to offer including a movie complete, a Kroger Marketplace and much more.