Rt 32 Plans And Proposals

Rt 32 Plans And Proposals | Union Township Road Improvements | Clermont County

Orange Barrels

Clermont County has been playing hard at the game of catching up.  It wasn’t that long ago that Jeff Wyler’s motto was,  “cars, like eggs, are cheaper in the country!”  Since then, the county quickly became a suburb.   The challenge has been keeping up with the quickly escalating amount of traffic.  Anyone who has traveled the Fields Ertel area during rush hour knows that is the last thing anyone wants to have happen in Eastgate.  To that end, Rt 32 Plans And Proposals have been researched and examined.

Ivy Pointe Blvd was completed and is now being tied into the Aicholtz connector which will run Rt 32 Plans And Proposalsunder 275.  The interchange with 275 and Rt 32 has been completed with plans over the next year to start work on adding turning lanes to Rt 32 and adjoining roads just to the west of 275.

The question continues popping up as to what is the long range plan for Rt. 32.  There have been several plans looked at, the elements of the preferred alternative include:

  • Widening SR 32 by adding a travel lane in each direction
  • Removing traffic signals and closing local access between Eastgate Boulevard and Olive Branch-Stonelick Road
  • Providing a new westbound exit from SR 32 to Glen Este-Withamsville Road and an eastbound exit to Clepper Lane
  • Constructing a new bridge to allow Glen Este-Withamsville Road to travel over SR 32
  • Extending Clepper Lane east to Bach Buxton
  • Constructing a new interchange near Elick Lane/Bach Buxton Road which includes a bridge over SR 32
  • Constructing a new bridge to allow Old SR 74 to travel over SR 32
  • Making additional local roadway network improvements to better connect Old SR 74, Glen Este-Withamsville Road and Clepper Lane with SR 32  (See the details and other updates HERE)

If this plan is followed through, the rush hour backups should be greatly reduced.  Downsides would include long term orange barrels and impacts on some businesses for the construction of bridges and ramps.