New Richmond Home Sales Update Covering July 2017

New Richmond Home Sales Update | July 2017 | New Richmond School District

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New Richmond Home Sales Update

This month’s New Richmond Home Sales Update continues to show a strong trend that continues from previous months.

Sold homes continues to be strong.  While not the year record from June, July’s sales were a respectable six month total of 94 sales.

Two competing numbers that seem to work against each other are the absorption rate and the sale to list price ratio.  The absorption rate that measures if it is a buyer or seller market sits at 6.5.  That has started leaning toward more of a buyer’s market.  However, offsetting that is the 97.25% sellers are seeing of their list price.  Combined with the highest average sale price for the year, it is acting more like a seller’s market.

If you are thinking of selling, now would be a good time.  The concerns on the horizon are how much the interest rate will be raised and the absorption rate.  As we leave the busier time of the year for real estate, more homes become available due to a diminishing pool of buyers.  An interest rate increase directly impacts how much home a buyer can afford.  While there isn’t anything on the horizon that would be a cause of great concern, the two items mentioned above would like increase time on market as well as seeing as high of a price for homes.

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New Richmond School District Market Update (Each month is the previous 6 months totals & averages)

Active ListingsPending ListingsSold ListingsAvg Active PriceAvg Sold Price% of List
To Sale Price
Absorption Rate
> 6 = Buyer's Market
< 5 = Seller's Market
Avg Days
On Market
January, 2017
February, 2017592784$340,509$209,65996.27%6.265
March, 2017762186$306,173$223,51596.356.7863
April, 2017712680$310,809$229,39396.75%7.354
May, 2017692891$349,450$234,15696.8%6.3853
June, 2017623196$344,182$221,72997.17%5.8149
July, 2017713194$326,465$237,71297.25%6.550
August, 20176931100$352,866$250,18097.16%6.045
September, 20176823107$320,539$258,54196.73%5.150
October, 2017
November, 20176216102$314,099$246,93296.15%4.650
December, 2017501694$318,926$241,49495.56%4.251