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Goshen Home Sales Update

Goshen home sales for August 2017 continues on a solid, consistent pattern as was reported last month.  In comparison to other districts, Goshen has one of the lowest days on market at 24 days.  The simply means the number of buyers remains higher than the number of available homes they are wanting to buy.  This makes it essential for the seller to have an exit plan together prior to going on the market.  It is always causes a lot of anxiety to have a buyer who is ready to close make a great offer on the home and for the seller to realize they only have 30 days to figure out where to move!  

Goshen also tied with the Milford school district in having the lowest absorption rate.  The absorption rate is the way to measure supply and demand.  Basically it compares the number of recent sales to the number of homes currently listed to determine how many months of inventory are available.  The further that number falls below 5, the stronger of a seller’s market it is.  Goshen’s current number is 3.2 with is a mild to moderate seller’s market.  Sellers can be confident in getting a good price and buyers, while needing to move quickly on good listings, can be confident of finding the right home and not having to settle for less than they were wanting. 

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Goshen School District Market Update (Each month is the previous 6 months totals & averages)

Active ListingsPending ListingsSold ListingsAvg Active PriceAvg Sold Price% of List
To Sale Price
Absorption Rate
> 6 = Buyer's Market
< 5 = Seller's Market
Avg Days
On Market
January, 20172927107$236,750$155,57998.53%3.134
February, 20172526103$257,606$158,13997.39%2.937
March, 2017203584$278,678$152,23896.113.931
April, 2017253275$264,374$150,72796.37%4.632
May, 2017254175$252,616$157,34796.05%5.2831
June, 2017243578$261,292$164,46396.36%4.5429
July, 2017244280$283,992$162,76396.45%5.028
August, 2017213095$226,318$158,82597.55%3.224
September, 20172124100$232,951$158,20198.84%2.722
October, 2017
November, 20172124126$310,408$160,22898.12%2.118
December, 20172028118$232,679$159,30397.96%2.419