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Forest Knoll Homes For SaleForest Knoll Homes For Sale.  This is a forgotten but wonderful neighborhood of spacious homes on large lots.  Secluded by a very unassuming entrance of Rt. 28, the development also include the Pray development near the front.  It does NOT have an HOA!

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Forest Knoll and Pray homes for sale is in a choice area.  Just off Route 28, there is shopping closer to Milford as well as access to I-275 from several directions.  It is in Milford School District and Miami Township.  The area has transformed over the years from a more rural area to a bedroom community.  Golf courses like Oasis, Eagles Nest, Hickory Woods and O’Bannon are close by.  #forestknollHomesForSale  #MilfordHomes  #MiamiTownshipHomesForSale